Monday, May 4, 2009

Talk About a Delimma

I did not realize I would find so little time to maintain a blog. And it’s not that I’m busy every minute of the day it’s that when I’m not busy I try not to do anything work related and since this blog is about my barbecue journey I may subconsciously think of it was work.

Well my latest thing is how can you be happy and angry about something at the same time? While I’m ecstatic about the success of the business, I’m angry because it good enough to let Neil walk away from his job but not enough for me to walk away from mine.

I know for market days Neil and Glenn put in way more hours then I do but on their off days. They are actually off. Sometimes I get up in the morning while Neil lies their and I know he doesn’t have to move until noon (if my mom has the baby). The other morning I was getting dressed, while Neil and sleeping. Morgan woke up so I went and got her and the three of us crawled back in bed. I didn’t get up until 8:15. I’m supposed to be at work at 8:30.

Right now at work, we're going though a RIF (reduction in force). I’m being bumped out of my position into a lower one and further away (not by much. This doesn’t take affect until June 30. Granted I’m one of the more fortunate ones that would still have a job but I would much rather work from home. That means Neil has to work like a dog in order to do that so that I go from being angry to sad.

Why anyone would ever want to grow up is beyond me. To bad Benjamin Button moments are only for the movies because the stuff you learn and can pass on, the younger ones don’t want to hear, just like we didn’t listen when we had the opportunity.

Anyone I want everyone to pray that we are in a financial position where I can quit my job in June rather than being forced into somewhere else I would rather not be.