Monday, July 6, 2009

I Don’t Want Your Business

Before I get into anything else let me tell you about the woman from two Sunday's ago that came back last Sunday. We were being our usual goofy selves and chugging along. This new customer came along with one of our previous customers. Just looking at her you could tell that she was one of those black people that are easily embarrassed by other black people she considers not on her level. And I may be generalizing here but why are they always the ones that look like they have nothing fabulous going on any way. She had on a cheap dress, bad weave and fake arrogance.

After going back and forth about what she wanted she decided on a ½ pound of brisket, and then once it was prepared she added another ½ pound to her order. After all this she goes on Yelp and gives our food good review but then refers to us as Sanford and Son meets Hee Haw. While this may be amusing (Nae), if you don't like my service don't come back. She goes on to say that the only reason she was laughing was because it was a nervous laughter. Then take your nervous ass on. Even though we do this to make a living, I come to this particular market because I enjoy the people. And why any idiot would be under the impression that bbq is a fast food. It takes time to slice your brisket and give your raggedy ass the pound you asked for. Not to mention the people who order before you that may have had a large order.

And as if that didn't work my nerves enough here comes another one on her gravy train agreeing with her. He asked for chicken we explained they have a chicken person across the way so we don't do chicken as a courtesy. Then he asked for beef ribs. We don't do beef ribs AT ALL. Neil doesn't think they have enough meat. This is a four hour market. We are not going to serve everything you would possibly see in a sit down restaurant. Again take your raggedy ass on. And then he writes the review as if he came on a different day when in fact he came on the day he wrote the review.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for corrective criticism. But sometimes those who write reviews are under the false impression that because you're allowed free speech that makes you one of the foremost food critics. We all have varying opinions of what's good and what's not. Most of our Atwater customers like us for the simple fact we are fun and funny. Life in and of itself can be a serious thing. Find some joy in something other than your own self-importance.