Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pleasure Palate Day

I know it's been a long while since I've posted anything but I started to wonder who really wants to hear the ramblings of an over worked wife, mother, child and whatever other titles I choose to have that day. Then I realized I didn't start this blog for others to read it is more for me to vent or have records of how I've got to where I am. So here I sit debating if I'm going to back fill stuff that's happened since my last post in May. HELL NO!!! I ramble enough that it will come out some day.

Anywho, today was hectic as all get out. Neil is off in Arizona sleeping while Glenn cooks up a storm and I get it where I can fit in. We agreed to a date to host Pleasure Palate well before this Fresh and Easy thing came up. I guess I will have to talk about that but not today. There was a breakdown in communication for today but stuff worked itself out. We were supposed to serve the group starting at 11:00. A few of them showed up early and were milling about.

Now we all knew that it was only a little after 10:00 and you have plenty of time but you get nervous anyway. Glenn and I are still setting up the booth and I keep telling him to get stuff ready for the group while I light sternos, put up tents, unload the van. Ya'll know I was not happy about doing manual labor. Did I mention Morgan was there?

I had left her in the car so she could tear it up in peace while we worked stuff out. My cousin gets there for the dessert booth and takes her out. Mini Mista has a thing about running into the net sides while you're trying to put them up and sitting down. To her this is hilarious, personally I just wanna deck her (no I don't beat my child). This was one of her clingy days where she didn't want to be bothered with anyone but me (oh Father). When she erased the white board I told my cousin she had the honor of re-writing the menu.

Of course the market turns out to have a busy day since we already had something going on. The market manager was very accommodating by setting up extra tables and chairs. 26 men and woman all total. The only real incidents were the beans fell through the wire chafing dish and we didn't cut up the chicken breast so they went quickly. They ate everything (3 ½ racks of ribs, 5.5lbs of brisket, 4.5lbs tri-tip, 5lbs of chicken, 5 fatties, 10 hot links, ½ pan beans, potato salad, greens and pineapple coleslaw – two sweet potato pies, half pan peach cobbler and 25 mini red velvet cupcakes) except all the beans. One of the guys said because they're spicy and he's white. One lady came back looking for more cupcakes. I asked her did she get any and she said yes so I told her she could buy some from our dessert booth.

Oh I didn't mention we came up with a name for the dessert division of Bigmista's; Sugar Pye's. My mom's maiden name is Pye and since she's one of the bakers we all agreed on it.

I'm tired and need a shower but I'll be back to write about the raggedy heffa, which is not the same as a jealous heffa, and her yelp review. She said we were Sanford and Son meets Hee Haw. She should know with the straw wig she was wearing. Yes I'm pissed about it in case that wasn't clear.

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful meal today! I am totally in love with your brisket and I'd have the Fatty, morning, noon and night! I also thought the sweet potato pie was one of the best I've ever had and yum for the red velvet mini cupcakes! :) The food totally rocked and so did all of you and your whole family.